ArtBridge began simply as a one-off project based on the idea that the large ubiquitous plywood panels on construction scaffolding should be used for the display of public art. The massive London Terrace Gardens apartment complex in Chelsea was chosen for the location of the first project in March 2009. My team and I created all branding, brand messaging and communication design for the new nonprofit which would grow up eventually to become ArtBridge Projects, Inc., as it is today.

The website, and responsive mobile site
design (images below) followed soon after.

Artbridge Business Cards

Six months after initial launch we designed second generation business cards with the idea of printing a different emerging artist’s work on the back of each printed lot. The shape and proportion of the card nicely echoed the shape and proportion of the 4’x 8’ plywood panels that were used in the actual outdoor ArtBridge exhibits.

For the first ArtBridge exhibit, (images below), we were tapped for all creative direction; type design, print production and the overseeing of installation for both interior and exterior exhibits.

Dumbo Project

Working with local artist, Aleksander Macasev, and Two Trees Management, we designed and produced the next ArtBridge exhibit on Water Street in DUMBO. Creating branded communications for this project in both print and web, we repurposed the Chromatweet graphic for use on multiple platforms. We also created this new grid-based web header for the promotion of events, openings and exhibit related news.

The main web header for the Chromatweet exhibit.

Project details


Identity, business cards, and website

Creative Direction

R. Durso

R. Durso, C. Strick

R. Durso, R. Berger