Our branding and design services are based on a proprietary investigative process — diving deeply into the brand’s DNA revealing a core foundation of what makes your organization unique.

Design Services

I specialize in crafting creative, tailored to your brand across all key touch-points and channels. From strategic assignments to corporate and brand identity to digital design solutions, my question-led methodology and experience helps me focus on precisely what my clients desire; a distinctive and vibrant brand experience.

Our Proprietary Process

Regardless of the required design services or deliverables, we follow a tried and trusted process. 

Design service - design briefing

The Brief

Every assignment begins with a client brief. Once provided our work commences with questions as we inquire into every aspect of the client’s brand and business. This forensic approach enables us get under the skin of a clients requirements, to challenge assumptions using the ‘Five Whys” methodology, and to identify opportunities for the new design direction.


Next we audit the brand’s current position in the market  including a competitive analysis. We review a brand’s visual design material through time. This involves deep exploration of previously produced brand imagery, content, iconography or any references that informs the brand and its place in the category.  consumers, and competitors.

Design Service Questions

Getting to Brand

Our proprietary ‘getting to brand’ approach is a rigorous interactive process where we work hand in hand with the client to form a tapestry of the brand, including color, textures, shapes and imagery.  We make no assumptions in our process of sequencing the brands DNA. This step can feel like overkill, but sometimes it’s from the smallest detail, big ideas emerge

Design services - Filling the funnel

Fill the funnel

Then we put everything into a ‘funnel’ and let it percolate. Through this process of filtration, ideas and concepts drip out and begin to form a future design direction. This is just a matter and patience and time. 


Then we sketch loosely and watch as the concepts takes form. It’s all about iteration, design and feedback.  As we articulate the strategy into a tangible, coherent design solution.


Once the design solution is approved we move to production. Depending on the medium, we will partner with either our client’s recommended supplier, or our partner network.