ArtBridge Branded Touchpoints

Artbridge Printed Promotional Piece

Forest City Ratner’s project at The Barclays Center had been ArtBridge’s largest project to date. Their art installation covered more than 10,000 square feet. DursoCreative helped ArtBridge with site evaluation, measurement, overall project design and print production. Also creating all collateral materials pre and post installation, and materials needed for the opening event.

Artbridge Spring Art Auction

Each spring ArtBridge hosts a large fundraising event from which it raises about 1/4 of its annual operating budget. For the first five years, we’ve created all branded collateral materials for the event, including print, digital and environmental event signage. The silent auction and event guides were done in colors both lime green and magenta, the event’s primary color palatte.

Artbridge Tote Bag design

As the first ArtBridge exhibit was being deinstalled and the art (as high resolution printed vinyl) was being removed, we had the idea to repurpose the vinyl as fashionable tote bags, the sale of which would support the organization. We were then tasked with sourcing and overing production of the bags, as well as designing hang tags, and choosing materials used in creation of each lot. Urban Samaritan built the bags to our specifications that would be sold at the year-end fundraising event.

Project details


Printed Collateral Accordion Fold Piece, Auction Branding, Signage & Printed Auction Guide, Tote Bag Designs

Creative Direction

R. Durso
R. Durso
R. Durso, R. Berger