Maha Advisors

Maha Advisors

When founding partner, Chris Flint, came to me for a graphic identity for his new crypto-currency advisory project, he had a solid idea, but he needed a name as well. We worked through a few early iterations, but pretty quickly we landed on Maha, his oldest daughter’s middle name. We then discovered that Maha is the name of an African Oryx, a type of gazelle, and Maha is the Arabic derivative etymologically.
So we began to sketch out some ideas wanting to work the oryx’s antlers into the design somehow. In the end I came up with a solution where the top of the lower case “a” references the animals two antlers, and you can even imagine its two eyes in the lower half of the letter form. Maha Advisors focuses on providing operational and deal structuring advice to its partners, and capital markets access to the emerging crypto currency business.

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Creative Direction

R. Durso

R. Durso, C. Strick

R. Durso, R. Berger