Natural Planet

Natural Planet

The Natural Planet premise was to bring the healing power and health benefits of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to a much wider audience. As a startup the company had great product ideas, but needed all the branding and packaging touch points starting with a brand identity. We developed the logo mark based on a Chinese hexagram from the I Ching, a book of ancient Chinese wisdom.

Natural Planet Letterhead

In keeping with the hand wrought look and feel of the brand ID, we created a stationary set using high fiber and naturally tinted inks. We also ghosted images of some of the most used herbs on the envelopes. On the back of each business card is an explanation of TCM and significance in the Natural Planet’s mission.

Natural Planet Packaging

We were also asked to design the full line of products, package designs, point of purchase displays and marketing materials, as well as naming, tag lines, and marketing copy for the entire product line. “Unleash the Power of Tea” was a bold new idea the emphasized the healing properties of Natural Planet products. We also worked closely with their IP attorney to file trademark applications as needed.

Project details

Identity, Logo, Tagline, Packaging, and Letterhead

Creative Direction

R. Durso
R. Durso

Type & Illustration

C. Harvey
R. Durso, R. Berger